Our Customer Testimonials


I will never forget the day when my wife Sharon and I first walked into the office at Clayton Homes of Ocala.

We got in the truck and went for a ride. On the way down 441 I saw that there was a brand new Clayton dealership that had opened up since the last time I had been through that area. It was late in the afternoon and I thought they would be closing shortly but we figured they would let us look at a few models until closing time and then we could come back another day if we saw something we liked. We were instantly given the royal treatment by the nicest young man, Terry Neverman. He walked us through the entire place while the manager, Chris Clemens finished up with another client. When we told them our story they both sat down with us, with no regard to the fact that it was time for them to go home. They went out of their way to be sure that we were taken care of and that we got exactly what we wanted.

We took the original plan and added even more custom upgrades to the home and by the time we were done we had the process under way to order something that was even better than we had imagined. Our case was more than a little unusual and the staff at Clayton Homes of Ocala had an answer for every situation we ran into along the way. If we had to start this process all over again from the beginning I could not imagine even trying to deal with anyone other than Clayton. We were simply just too difficult for anyone else!

The bottom line is, they truly cared and they went the extra mile to make us happy.

Thank you Chris, Terry and Beverly!

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